Therapeutic Laser Applications
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The Tri-Wave Cascade Laser
This revolutionary device is a unique triple wavelength laser whose beams are co-propagated from a single source. What this means is that all 3 wavelengths strike the target tissue simultaneously without converging or diverging. These 3 wavelengths have never been used in this fashion in a therapeutic laser device……until now. We have shown through clinical use, that this device is capable of stimulating the spinal cord and other deep tissue due to its unique combination of wavelengths. View the before and after thermography images showing the effects of spinal cord stimulation.  In addition to other applications, this laser has consistently demonstrated the ability to rapidly alleviate pain from both acute and chronic conditions.  Our mission is to introduce this technological breakthrough to health care professionals and the general public in the near future.  Presently, the laser is not available for commercial distribution. A U.S. patent was issued in 2011.

Can Laser Therapy make a difference in Spinal Cord Injury

We have found improvement in neuropathic pain management and restoration of motor function in our research subjects.    (see our video testimonials )

Inventor, Clinical Developer/Investigator, Co-owner

Mark Chariff, D.C.

Enrique Ginzburg, M.D. 

Professor of Surgery

DeWitt Daughtry Family Department of Surgery

Medical Director International Health Center

Trauma Surgeon - Ryder Trauma Center - Jackson Memorial Hospital

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine




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